Bushells Rounds Tagless Tea Bags 200s 200g

$7.50 each $1.56 per 100g


Every cup of Bushells tea gives you the goodness of tea with natural flavonoids. Another good reason to love our cuppa.

Australia’s first tea company, Bushells have brewed full-flavoured conversations and friendships for over 130 years. Bushells has a long tradition of bringing Australians together for a good chat over a great cuppa, blended especially for Aussie tastes.

We’ve been part of Australian life for over a century, and are proud to be a familiar icon that Aussies have grown up with – a delicious taste of home. Bringing people together for a good chat and a great cuppa is our passion – which is why we support and reinvest in organisations that help ordinary Australians.


Black Tea

Preparation Instructions

Pour freshly boiled water over a Bushells tea bag. Raid the bickie jar as the brew turns rich and dark. Add milk and sugar if you like.

Storage Instructions

30 degrees celcsius


Allergen may be present


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