Nerada Tea Bags Cup 50pk 100gm

$3.19 each $3.19 per 100g


Our pesticide-free black tea travels from leaf to cup in as little as four weeks, depending on the season. In this short amount of time, the tea is harvested, fermented, dried, packed into reusable woven bags and sent from the Atherton Tablelands to our factory in Brisbane, where the tea is checked once again for quality, and then blended and packaged.

Our high level of quality control means our tea always maintains the flavor and quality that our tea drinkers have fallen in love with over the years. During the production process, our professional team of tea-tasters sample the finished “make” to ensure it meets Nerada’s strict quality standards.


100% Australian Grown Black Tea

Preparation Instructions

Simply pour boiling water over one teabag in a cup and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength is achieved. Drink with or without milk.

Usage Instructions

Enjoy a cuppa of Nerada Tea at anytime of day or night. Drink with or without milk.

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